chemical landscapes

Work in progress. Plant photography and chromatography collection. 2017

If we think of Plant Biodiversity, the least we can relate is with chemical substances. This is because normally chemical substances are presented as noxious, artificial or human-created. In this project, as an art-scientist and chemist, I observed landscapes, with eyes focused on natural chemical composition using chromatography as a visual technique. Plants, organisms and other elements can be seen as chemical compounds.

I started my collection with species commonly found in Jalisco, Mexico.



Jalisco´s chemical landscapes


Nature and if we are specific: plants, are the principal source of substances for drugs. Conserving the world’s biodiversity can assure us of the protection of the next cure for cancer or other illnesses that can appear in the future.

This work reminds me of the importance of environmental conservation of Megadiverse countries like Mexico, because of their role in the planet’s ecological balance, the resources for future generations and the social significance for indigenous groups.


The 17 countries identified as megadiverse by Conservation International



Other chemical landscapes:





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