vivarium I


Vivarium I (2018): performance

“Vivarium” is a piece that studies the interactions within an ecosystem, from the movement of matter and energy to the community created by the living and nonliving organisms. This network of interactions is captured in the macroscopic and microscopic level over time, as an attempt to scale what it means to be part of a larger ecosystem: the Earth. For Vivarium I, the artist shared a marine ecosystem in the coasts of California in a space of 6 hours, engaging with the environment and living organisms that surrounded her.




El ecosistema. Factores bióticos y abióticos. Microorganismos, organismos. Intercambio de elementos. Mi CO2, tu O2. Un espacio compartido. Carbono, Hidrógeno, Oxígeno, Nitrógeno. 

Si pudiera reducir a una dimensión comprensible, no me resultarías tan incomprensible. Bastaría con pasar un rato juntas. Nos disfruto. Me doy cuenta de mi conexión. Soy parte.

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