the culture

the culture (2018)

Installation/ Performance

Medusomyces gisevii (SCOBY), Salvinia natans, video projections, acrylic box, nanocellulose films

The culture is an experiment of an interspecies relationship occurring inside a tank. Water becomes the site of interaction between bacteria, yeast, plants, and humans for investigating the symbiotic process through embodied shared experiences and the exchange of matter.

During this encounter, the artist starts sharing experiences with the culture of bacteria and yeasts playing music for them, chanting childhood songs, or integrating body residues as hair or saliva to the different tanks. The microorganisms respond to these inputs creating different celluloses films that integrate the artist’s culture.

As a second stage, the artist herself feels the need to share space with the microorganisms, being now herself the one that is integrated into their culture in the tank.

video preview:


Documented by video and physical evidence generated by microscopic collaborators, this encounter takes as reference the concept of “Becoming with the other” referenced by Donna Haraway.


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