radical propagations (2022- present)

Just as a plant can be propagated through cuttings that can be replanted and encouraged to root in new soil, this project explores regenerative art practices that create spaces for regeneration and resilience.

Repetitive tasks, maintenance, the ordinary, composting, gardening, splitting, sharing, testing “alternative ways”, all these are radical propagations.

just add water

just add water (2018)


4,177 lentil sprouts, plastic containers, towel paper, poem.

A project that describes the exploration of an interspecies relationship. For 50 days the artist was exposed to the germination and cultivation of lentil seeds. Through installation and a scientific journal-poem, this shows how relationships are sometimes painful, but also covered of mystery and hope.

As this relationship continues, the project is evolving to serve as the way the artist spreads the plants through the city as an act of resistance against the conditions set by a system that offers an obscure future and a possible ecological catastrophe.

vivarium II

vivarium (2018)

Installation/ Performance

Acrylic domes, organic matter, webcam and microscope live streaming projections

“Vivarium: A Place of Life” is an installation that studies the interactions within an ecosystem, from the movement of matter and energy, to the community created by the living and nonliving organisms. This network of interactions is captured in the macroscopic and microscopic level over time through live projections, as an attempt to scale what it means to be part of a larger ecosystem: the Earth.



playing with silica

Playing with silica | 2015

Playing with silica 12 MEGF 2015

New materials are fascinating. Developing materials with new physical and chemical properties help to address challenges in the industry. Fumed silica is a material widely used in the food, paints and cosmetic industries as viscosity increaser. This powder has an extremely low bulk density and high surface area.

Playing with silica 11 MEGF 2015

Playing with silica 10 MEGF 2015

The inspiration for this work was a 10 Kg big package of fumed silica found in my lab. I did not have another option than to experiment and obtain interesting shapes, patterns, and textures.

Playing with silica 6 MEGF 2015

Playing with silica 4 MEGF 2015